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  • Always show respect towards each other. personal attacks are not welcome at MUF. This includes but not limited to; xenophobia, racism, etc.
  • Do not post entire sentences with UPPERCASE or large fonts. It won't make your point come across anybetter.
  • Do not create posts with just emojis/smilies.
  • Stay on topic. If you wish to talk about something different, make a new topic for it.
  • Do not use excessive foul language.
  • Advertising outside sources is not permitted.
  • Do not ask questions which are already answered on other topics/posts. Use the search function.
  • MUF is a English forum; you must either post in English or create an accurate translation.
  • Do not post illegal media or anything protected by international intellectual property laws, these include - but are not limited to - football streams, films, tv shows, pirated games.
  • Do not post nude or disturbing material.
  • Do not make personal attacks against staff members, they are here to help.
  • Do not create a new account if your current account is banned. If you do, your new account is likely to be instantly banned with no warning.
  • Use common sense, If you think something may not be allowed, it probably is not. As such you may be punished for something that is not specifically mentioned in these rules.

These rules are subject to change

Breaking these rules will lead to your content being edited/ deleted and possible warn/ban. Depending on the circumstance a permanent ban maybe given at any time.

You may appeal any action a Moderator has taken against you via the contact us link. You must give a valid reason and a link to what you are appealing.

If you do not agree with any of these rules, please leave MUF.